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Table 1 Cellular proteins involved in picornaviral RNA replication

From: Viral and host proteins involved in picornavirus life cycle

Proteins Binding sites/associated viral proteins Viruses Refs
PCBP1 Cloverleaf PV [93, 95]
PCBP2 Cloverleaf, 3CD, 3C PV [92, 93, 106]
hnRNP C Negative strand 3' stem-loop I, 3D, 3CD, P2, P3 PV [97]
hnRNP K 5' UTR EV71 [96]
Sam68 3D PV, CVB3 [105, 169]
PABP 3CD, stem-loop I and poly(A) tail PV [106, 107]
OCT-1 3CD, 3C PV, HRV16 [19, 23]
B23 3CD HRV16 [19]
La 3' and 5' UTR CVB3 [112]
EF-1α 3CD, stem-loop I PV [91]
  1. *PCBP, poly(rC) binding protein; hnRNP, heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein; PABP, poly(A)-binding protein; La, Lupus autoantigen; EF-1α, eukaryotic elongation factor 1 alpha.