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Figure 4

From: RhoGDIβ-induced hypertrophic growth in H9c2 cells is negatively regulated by ZAK

Figure 4

ZAK reverses the effects of RhoGDIβ induction of hypertrophic growth, cell migration, and suppression of cell cycle progression in H9c2 cells. (A) H9c2 cells or H9c2 cells that ectopically expressed ZAK, dominant-negative ZAK (ZAKdn), RhoGDIβ, ZAK and RhoGDIβ, or ZAKdn and RhoGDIβ under the control of a bi-directional tetracycline response element were grown in 10% fetal bovine serum with doxycycline for 3 days, and cell size was determined. (B) The growth rate of the same cells shown in (A) grown in 10% fetal bovine serum with doxycycline. (C) SiRNA knockdown of ZAK restores the hypertrophic growth induced by RhoGDIβ in ZAK- and RhoGDIβ-expressing cells (ZAKGRi2).

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