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Figure 1

From: Effects of human parvovirus B19 VP1 unique region protein on macrophage responses

Figure 1

Migration and phagocytosis of mouse Raw264.7 cells. The cells were incubated with different treatments in the upper compartment of Boyden chamber for 16 h. (A) The migration of cells was determined by counting the number of migrated cells in 10 random fields of each well. (B) Phagocytic index of Raw264.7 cells was determined by pre-incubated with different preparations for 6 h before addition of FITC-labeled Latex beads. The cells with phogocytic FITC-labeled Latex beads were counted in 10 random fields. Similar results were obtained in three independent experiments. I1 indicates U0126. ** and ## indicate significant differences as compared to the control or the B19-VP1u group, respectively.

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