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Figure 1

From: Telomerase prevents accelerated senescence in glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD)-deficient human fibroblasts

Figure 1

Telomerase activity of hTERT-transfected normal and G6PD-deficient fibroblasts. Normal fibroblasts HFF3 and G6PD-deficient fibroblasts HFF1 were infected with retroviral vector pBABE-Puro (Panel A) or pBABE-Puro-hTERT (Panel B). G418-resistant clones were obtained from HFF3 infected with vector alone (V1, V2) or with pBABE-Puro-hTERT (T5, T9), and from HFF1 cells infected with vector alone (GV1, GV2) or with pBABE-Puro-hTERT (GT3, GT8). Telomerase activity in these G-418 resistant clones was assayed by TRAP as described in M & M. Lanes labeled with N, P, H are negative control with no cell extract, positive control with cell extract from a telomerase-positive HT-1080 cells, and heat-inactivated HT-1080 cell extract, respectively.

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