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Figure 4

From: Spatiotemporal expression of histone acetyltransferases, p300 and CBP, in developing embryonic hearts

Figure 4

p300 and CBP expressions in mouse hearts at late fetal stages, postnatal day 1 and adulthood stages. p300 is highly expressed in myocardium (arrowhead) and trabeculae (arrow) but relatively lowly expressed in septum and valves in E18 embryonic heart (A) and in postnatal day 1 heart (C). A relatively low expression of CBP in myocardium (arrowhead) and trabeculae (arrow) was shown in E18 embryonic heart (B) and postnatal day 1 heart (D). In adult mouse hearts, both p300 (E) and CBP (F) expression were low.

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