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Figure 4

From: Antigen-driven bystander effect accelerates epicutaneous sensitization with a new protein allergen

Figure 4

The role of cytokine in the epicutaneously induced antigen-driven bystander effect. Groups of mice (three per group) were non-pretreated (no) or pretreated subcutaneously with BSA and CFA adjuvant (sc) three weeks before they received patch sensitization with OVA and BSA on day 1–3. Draining LNs were obtained 24, 48 and 72 hr after start of patch sensitization. Total RNA extraction, cDNA preparation and quantitative real-time PCR were performed individually. The relative cytokine mRNA expression levels of each sample were normalized according to its β-actin expression. Results are shown as mean ± SEM. Three independent experiments were performed with similar results. One representative results are shown.

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