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Table 1 Scoring of cytokine expressions on the gastric epithelium and lamina propria.

From: Persistent H. pylori colonization in early acquisition age of mice related with higher gastric sialylated Lewis x, IL-10, but lower interferon-γ expressions

  0 1 2 3
Epithelium Negative Less than 33% 33%–67% More than 67%
Lamina propria     
   Matrix Absence Presence   
   Lymphocyte Absence Presence   
   Fibrocyte Absence Presence   
   Neutrophil Absence Presence   
  1. The quantitative scoring of each cytokine on the epithelium was as follows: score 1: positive staining in the cytoplasma of epithelial cells only on the upper 1/3 part of the epithelium; score 2: on the upper and middle part of the epithelium (1/3–2/3); score 3: on the whole layer of the epithelium (> 2/3). The positive staining of each cytokine on the lamina propria (lymphocytes, fibrocytes, and neutrophils) means there were more than five positive cells in a high power field of view in the microscopic examination.