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Figure 7

From: Green tea extract supplement reduces D-galactosamine-induced acute liver injury by inhibition of apoptotic and proinflammatory signaling

Figure 7

A: 2-D PAGE electrophotogram of bile. B: Western blotting analysis of transferring and haptoglobin.C: ELISA data of bile. Electrophotogram were obtained by silver nitrate staining. The approximate molecular weight (MW) and PI values are as indicated. There were six proteins, spots 1 to 6, with the most striking differences between the control and 24 h after D-GalN treatment (D-GalN24) bile proteome. All of these protein spots (spots 1–6) were subsequently analyzed by MS for protein identification. Whereas transferring (spot 1), polymeric IgA receptor (spot 2), and kallikrein-binding protein (spot 4) expression enhanced at 24 hr and still maintained at high level at 72 hr, the haptoglobin (spot 5) decreased at 24 hr but returned to control levels at 72 hr post D-GalN treatment. Spot 1, transferring; spot 2, polymeric IgA receptor; spot 3, acute phase α-1 protein; spot 4, kallikrein-binding protein; spot 5, haptoglobin; spot 6, Ig α chain. Detailed data is described in Table 1.

* P < 0.05 vs. C group; a P < 0.05 D-GalN+LGT vs. D-GalN; b P < 0.05 D-GalN24+HGT vs. D-GalN24+LGT

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