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Table 1 Protein identified in rat bile by 2-D electrophoresis

From: Green tea extract supplement reduces D-galactosamine-induced acute liver injury by inhibition of apoptotic and proinflammatory signaling

Spot ID Accession no. Protein name Protein score Search engine Molecular weight (Da) Regulation (D-GalN24/Control)
1 gi|6175089 Serotransferrin precursor (Transferrin) (Siderophilin) (β-1-metal binding globulin) 52 MASCOT 76314 Increased
2 gi|27151742 Polymeric immunoglobulin receptor; polymeric IgA receptor [Rattus norvegicus] 51 MASCOT 84745 Increased
3 gi|68791 Major acute phase α 1-protein precursor-rat (fragment) 48 MASCOT 46935  
4 gi|92335 Kallikrein-binding protein precursor-rat 59 MASCOT 46490 Increased
5 gi|123513 Haptoglobin precursor 84 MASCOT 38525 Decreased
6 gi|204720 Ig α-chain 61 MASCOT 15594  
  1. MASCOT is a one of the search engine offered by Matrix Science.