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Figure 3

From: The dihydropyridine calcium channel blocker benidipine prevents lysophosphatidylcholine-induced endothelial dysfunction in rat aorta

Figure 3

Tracings showing [Ca2+] i (indicated by fluorescence ratio of fura-2 at 340 nm and 380 nm) transient in rat aortic endothelial cells. ACh (3 μmol/L) elicited increases in [Ca2+]i in fura-2-loaded endothelial cells. Vehicles of LPC and benidipine had no effect on ACh-induced increases in [Ca2+]i (A). LPC (3 μmol/L) decreased ACh-induced increases in [Ca2+]i (B). Benidipine (10 nmol/L) prevented LPC-induced suppression of increases in [Ca2+]i (C).

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