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Table 1 Relative insulin receptor activation potentials of hydroxyfuroic acid compounds with various prenylindole moiety.

From: A novel hydroxyfuroic acid compound as an insulin receptor activator structure and activity relationship of a prenylindole moiety to insulin receptor activation

Compound Side Chain Study 1a % activationb Study 2a % activationb
D-410637 (CH2)2CH2OH 18.9    
D-410638 (CH2)3CH2OH 31.3    
D-410639 (CH2)4CH2OH 5590 89.4 1181 72.3
D-410641 (CH2)4CH3    792.7 48.6
D-410642 (CH2)3CH(CH2OH)2    659.3 40.4
D-410643 (CH2)4COOH    799 48.9
D-410644 (CH2)2COOH    357.3 21.9
Insulin - 10 nM 6250   1632.5  
  1. a Data in these columns are cpm, representing phosphoryl incorporation by tyrosine kinase activities. Study 1 and 2 are separate experiments each with a 10 nM insulin and a 100 μM D-410639 control for internal reference. The test concentration for hydroxyfuroic acid compounds was 100 μM. See Materials and Methods for detail.
  2. b Percentage of tyrosine kinase activities as compared to that offered by 10 nM insulin stimulation, presented at the bottom row.