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Figure 5

From: Overexpression of thioredoxin in islets transduced by a lentiviral vector prolongs graft survival in autoimmune diabetic NOD mice

Figure 5

Histology of islet grafts (IG) under the capsule (CA) of the kidney (K). Lt-eGFP- and Lt-TRX-transduced islets were transplanted into diabetic NOD mice in the same operation. IG-implanted kidneys were removed on day 7 when the Lt-TRX-transduced IG was still functional and maintained euglycemia, but the Lt-eGFP-transduced IG had failed. (A) Severe leukocytic penetration was observed in Lt-eGFP-transduced IG. (B) Lt-TRX-transduced IG had less severe leukocytic infiltration and islet cells were still visible. Serial sections of Lt-TRX transduced islet grafts were immunohistochemically stained with insulin (C), TRX (D) and HO-1 (E). Arrows in (D) and (E) point out examples of the TRX and HO-1 staining respectively and arrow heads point out the infiltrated lymphocytes. Original magnification × 100.

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