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Table 1 Summary of endocytic routes of membrane proteins and lipids.

From: Endocytosis of glycosylphosphatidylinositol-anchored proteins

Protein Invagination Endocytic partners Motor proteins Cell type Ref
FR-GPI GEECs Cholesterol and sphingolipids CDC42 CHO cells [59]
chPrP C Clathrin-coated pits LRP 1 and Cu2+ Dynamin N2A [81, 84]
Transferrin Clathrin-coated pits ND Dynamin CHO [59]
GFP-GPI Presumably GEECs, distinct from clathrin coated pits Presumably Cholesterol and sphingolipids ND SN56 [84]
CT-B GEECs   Presumably CDC42 Cav-1null mouse fiborblasts [64]
CD59 Tubular endosomes   ARF6 and Rab22a HeLa [70]
uPAR Clathtrin coated pits LRP Dynamin Normal Rat Kidney (NRK) and HT1080 [75]