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Table 1 Classification of vertebrate MMPs, their substrate and chromosomal location

From: Genetic polymorphisms of matrix metalloproteinases and their inhibitors in potentially malignant and malignant lesions of the head and neck

Types of MMPs Common Name Chromosomal Location Substrates
MMP-1 Collagenase-1 11q22.2-22.3 Collagen II<I<III,VII,VIII,X,XI,Casein, perlecan, entactin, laminin, pro-MMP-1,2,9,serpins
MMP-8 Collagenase-2 11q22.2-22.3 Collagen I>II>III>VII,VII,X,entactin,gelatin
MMP-13 Collagenase-3 11q22.2-22.3 Collagen II>III>I,VII,X,XVIII,gelatin,entactin,tenascin,aggregan
MMP-18 Collagenase-4 Not in humans Collagen I,II,III,gelatin
MMP-2 Gelatinase-A 16q13 Gelatin, fibronectin, elastin, laminin, collagen I,III,IV,V,VII,X,XI
MMP-9 Gelatinase-B 20q11.2-q13.1 vitronectin,decorin,plasminogen Gelatin,CollagenI,IV,V,VII,X,XI,XVIII,vitronectin,Elastin,laminin,fibronectin, ProMMP-9 proMMP-2
MMP-3 Stromelysins-1 11q22.2-22.3 Laminin, aggregan gelatin, fibronectin
MMP-10 Stromelysins-2 11q22.2-22.3 CollagenI,III,IV,gelatin,elastin,proMMP-1,8,10
MMP-11 Stromelysins-3 22q11.2 Fibronectin,laminin,aggregan,gelatin
MMP-12 Metalloelastase 11q22.2-22.3 Elastin, gelatin, collagen I,IV, fibronectin, laminin, vitronectin, proteoglycan
MMP-7 Matrilysin-1 11q22.2-22.3 Collagen I,IV,V,IX,X,XI,XVIII, Fibronectin,laminin,gelatin,aggregan,,gelatin,proMMP-9
MMP-26 Matrilysin-2 11q22.2 Gelatin, Collagen IV,proMMP-9
MMP-20 Enamelysin 11q22 Laminin,amelogenin,aggregan
MMP-14 MT1-MMP 14q12.2 Collagen I,II,III,aggregan,laminin,gelatin,proMMP-2,13
MMP-15 MT2-MMP 16q12.2 Proteoglycans,proMMP-2
MMP-16 MT3-MMP 8q21 CoolagenIII,fironectin,proMMP-2
MMP-17 MT4-MMP 12q24 Gelatin,fibrinogen,proMMP-2
MMP-24 MT5-MMP 20q11.2 fibrinogen, Gelatin,proMMP-2
MMP-25 MT6-MMP 16q13.3 Collagen IV,gelatin,proMMP-2,9
MMP-19 Stromelysin-4 12q14 Collagen I,IV,Tenascin,Gelatin,Laminin
MMP-21 XMMP (Xenopus) - Gelatin
MMP-22 CMMP (Chicken) - -
MMP23 Cysteine array 1p36.3 Gelatin
MMP-27 (CA) 11q24 -
MMP28 CA-MMP Epilysin 17q11.2 Casein
  1. (Modified from Sterlinct and Werb 2001; Overall 2002; Visse and Nagase 2003)