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Figure 1

From: Genetic copy number variants in sib pairs both affected with schizophrenia

Figure 1

Concordant loss of BU678720 in sib-pairs of schizophrenics. (a) Array CGH profiles are shown for patients B1, B2, D1 and D2. The X axis marks the chromosome coordinate in megabases. The Y axis marks the hybridization ratio plotted in log2 scale. In these four patients, there is strong indication of a loss of BU678720 (Arrows). Graphics are produced by using Agilent software CGH Analytics version 3.4. (b) LOH analysis of BU678720. Gel view of the PCR products of BU678720 and GAPDH were shown for all affected sib-pairs. The specific amplified fragments of BU678720 and GAPDH were indicated. Graphics are generated by Agilent Bioanalyzer.

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