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Table 1 Summary of significant changes in GABAAR subunit ROD 24 hours after TBI or Sham injury

From: Traumatic brain injury and the effects of diazepam, diltiazem, and MK-801 on GABA-A receptor subunit expression in rat hippocampus

  α1 α2 α3 γ2
Sham-Untreated - - - -
Injured-Untreated -
Sham+MK801 - - -
Injured+MK801 - - - -
Sham+diltiazem - ↓↓ -
Injured+diltiazem - ↓↓ -
Sham+DZ ↓↓ -
Injured+DZ ↓↓ -
  1. Double arrows indicate a drug-induced significant change beyond effects due to TBI only (i.e, compared to the injured untreated group). DZ and Diltiazem treatment had identical patterns of significance for all subunits except α2, which had significantly increased expression due to DZ treatment. MK-801 normalized all TBI-induced significant changes in protein expression.