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Figure 3

From: Low cardiovascular risks in the middle aged males and females excreting greater 24-hour urinary taurine and magnesium in 41 WHO-CARDIAC study populations in the world

Figure 3

Cardiovascular Risks in Greater Taurine-Magnesium (T-M) Excreters and Lesser T-M Excreters. Significant difference: *: p<0.05, **: p<0.01, ***: p<0.001 T/Cr=24-hour urinary taurine (T, micro mol) to creatinine (Cr, g) ratio, M/Cr=24-hour urinary magnesium (M, mg) to Cr, (g) ratio, T/Cr: + mean, - < mean, mean=639.4, M/Cr: + mean, - < mean, mean=82.8 BMI: Body mass index (Body weight (kg)/height (m)2), SBP: Systolic blood pressure, DBP: Diastolic blood pressure, T-Cho: Total Cholesterol, AI (Atherogenic index): Total cholesterol/HDL cholesterol, ( )=number

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