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Table 1 Oxygen uptake in permeabilised myotubes either in Tris or Taurine buffer.

From: A role for taurine in mitochondrial function

Buffer Oxygen uptake, nmol/(min mg protein) RCR
  Mean S.E.M. Mean S.E.M.
Tris 20.3 5.9 1.94 0.39
Taurine 19.7 2.6 1.89 0.40
  1. Oxygen uptake was measured with 2 mM malate, 2 mM pyruvate and 2 mM ADP.
  2. RCR is the fold increase in oxygen uptake by addition of 2 mM ADP to incubations with 2 mM malate and 2 mM pyruvate.