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Table 1 Maternal low protein diet effects on body mass and citrate synthase activity in newborn mice.

From: A maternal low protein diet has pronounced effects on mitochondrial gene expression in offspring liver and skeletal muscle; protective effect of taurine

Taurine - + - + 2-way ANOVA
Protein NP NP LP LP chow taurine c*t
Body mass (g) 1.23±0.03 1.15±0.05 0.72±0.05 1.01±0.06**,* 0.0001 0.037 0.0008
CS liver (mU/mg) 80.2±5.7 85.1±2.5 74.7±4.3 75.6±3.8 (0.0825) ns ns
CS muscle (mU/mg) 127.1±12.2 133.1±8.5 140.7±15.3 149.9±13.4 ns ns ns
  1. Newborn mice subjected to different diet regimes in utero as described in materials and methods were weighed at birth and killed. Liver and skeletal muscle tissue were extracted, and citrate synthase (CS; mU/mg protein) enzyme activity measured as described. BM) Body mass, NP) normal protein (20% casein) or LP) low protein (8% casein) during pregnancy. Taurine) 1% taurine supplementation in the drinking water during pregnancy. Bonferroni corrected post hoc t-tests performed if chow*taurine (c*t) interaction was significant: ¶) p<0.001 NP vs. LP, **) p<0.01 LP vs. LP+taurine, *) p<0.05 NP vs. LP+taurine. All values are shown as means ± SEM. 5 ≤ N ≤ 7 per diet group.