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Table 1 Composition of experimental diets (g/100g diet)

From: Antioxidant and hepatic protective effects of lotus root hot water extract with taurine supplementation in rats fed a high fat diet

Ingredients Experimental diets
Normal Diet High Fat Diet
Choline bitartrate 0.2 0.2
DL-Methione 0.3 0.3
Vitamin mixture 1 1
Mineral mixture 3.5 3.5
Cellulose 5 5
Sucrose 50 40
Corn starch 15 10
Casein 20 20
Bean oil 5 5
Lard 0 15
Carbohydrate (kcal / 100g) 260 200
Protein (kcal / 100g) 85 85
Fat (kcal /100g) 45 180
Total calories (kcal / 100g) 390 465
  1. Vitamin mixture: AIN-76 Vitamin Mixture (g/kg);Thiamin hydrochloride 600mg, Riboflavin 600mg, pyridoxine hydrochloride 700mg, nicotinic acid 3g, D-calcium pantothenate 1.6g, Folic acid 200mg, D-biotin 20mg, Cyanocobalamin 1mg Retinyl palmitate pre-mix (250,000IU/g) 1.6g, DL-alpha-tocopherol acetate (250IU/g) 20g, cholecalciferol (400,000IU/g) 250mg, Menaquinone 5mg Sucrose, finely powdered 972.9g; Mineral mixture: AIN-76 Mineral Mixture (g/kg); Calcium phosphate dibasic 500g, Sodium chloride 74g, Potassium citrate monohydrate 220g, Potassium sulfate 52g, Magnesium oxide 24g, Manganous carbonate (43~48%Mn) 3.5g, Ferric citrate (16~17%Fe) 6g, Zinc carbonate (70% ZnO) 1.6g, Cupric carbonate (53~55% Cu) 0.3g, Potassium iodate 0.01g, Sodium selenite 0.01g, Chromium potassium sulfate 0.55g, Sucrose finely powdered 118g.