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Figure 7

From: Ethanol extract of Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi prevents oxidative damage and neuroinflammation and memorial impairments in artificial senescense mice

Figure 7

The effect of SBG on the caspase-dependent apoptosis molecules in Raw 264.7 and BV2 cells and cell viability assay in BV2 cells. Time dependent manner of SBG effects on the apoptosis related proteins using BV2 cells (A). SBG effects on the intrinsic apoptotic cleaved caspase 9 and extrinsic apoptosis related caspase 8 proteins in BV2 cells (B). Cell viability assay in BV2 microglia cells (C). Values are expressed as mean ± standard deviation (mean ± S.D.), and analyzed by one-way ANOVA and multiple comparisons were performed by Tukey HSD test. A criterion of significance was accepted and marked as P < 0.01 (##) and 0.001 (###). The mark of star is AC group versus NC group and the mark of pound is each treatment group versus AC group.

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