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Table 1 The 50 cardiac-enriched microRNAs that are expressed in the wild-type adult mouse heart.

From: Regulation of cardiac microRNAs by serum response factor

miR-1 miR-26b miR-24 miR-144 let-7b
let-7f miR-30a miR-23a miR-27a miR-30d
miR-133b miR-23b miR-26a miR-30e miR-130a
miR-451 miR-29a miR-16 miR-302d* miR-923
miR-126 miR-30c let-7d miR-805 miR-15a
miR-22 miR-125b-5p miR-690 miR-499 miR-486
miR-133a let-7c miR-709 miR-27b miR-195
miR-30b miR-143 let-7a miR-29c miR-101a
miR-208a let-7g let-7e let-7i miR-142-3p
miR-720 miR-378 miR-29b let-7i miR-126-5p