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Figure 2

From: Ceftriaxone attenuates hypoxic-ischemic brain injury in neonatal rats

Figure 2

Ceftriaxone attenuated hypoxic-ischemic white matter injury in neonatal rats. A, the rectangular inset indicated the area of analysis. B-F, immunohistochemical staining of myelin basic protein (MBP) in external capsule of left coronal brain sections from P14 rats. (B: sham operation, C: saline. D: ceftriaxone 50 mg/kg, E: ceftriaxone 100 mg/kg, F: ceftriaxone 200 mg/kg). scale bar = 100 μm. G, Ratio of MBP density (ipsilateral/contralateral) showed significant reduction in saline treated group. Ceftriaxone treatment dose-dependently attenuated the MBP loss and pre-treatment with ceftriaxone 200 mg/kg showed statistically significant rescue of MBP loss compared to saline group. one-way ANOVA, p = 0.0001 (n = 5 in each group); *: p < 0.05. The definitions for sham and saline groups are the same as those in Figure 1.

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