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Figure 4

From: Ceftriaxone attenuates hypoxic-ischemic brain injury in neonatal rats

Figure 4

Ceftriaxone improved performance of step-down passive avoidance test. A: cliff avoidance test, B: negative geotaxis test, C: rotarod test with 5 rpm on P21, D: rotarod test with 5 rpm on P22, E: step-down passive avoidance test session one on P23, F, G: step-down passive avoidance test session two on P24. F: Significant reduction of retention time was observed in saline group compared to sham group. Ceftriaxone treatment improved the duration of rats stayed on safe board in step-down passive avoidance test without statistical significance. G: Ceftriaxone significantly reduced the foot shock duration after HIE injury. (Abbreviation: NS: saline group, animals received hypoxic-ischemic procedures and given saline injection, CTX: ceftriaxone 200 mg/kg group, Sham: sham operated group) *: p < 0.05, Student's t test. (n = 10 in each group)

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