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Figure 6

From: BACE-1 inhibition prevents the γ-secretase inhibitor evoked Aβ rise in human neuroblastoma SH-SY5Y cells

Figure 6

Combining BACE- and γ-secretase inhibitor in SH-SY5Y APPwt cells. A. SH-SY5Y APPwt cells were treated with the BACE-inhibitor alone or in combination with 3 or 30 nM γ-secretase inhibitor LY450139 for 24 h. Aβ40 levels were subsequently measured in the medium with ELISA. The BACE inhibitor produced a concentration-dependent inhibition of Aβ40-secretion with it's potency shifted to the right in the presence of 3 nM LY450139. B. The same data as in Figure 6A but depicted in a different manner. Here one can see how various concentrations of the BACE inhibitor (0: open bars, 3 nM: grey bars, 30 nM: black bars) affect the response to 0, 3 and 30 nM LY450139. The figure highlights that the LY450139-evoked Aβ40 rise is still present but attenuated in the presence of 3 nM of the BACE inhibitor. 30 nM BACE inhibitor is required to abolish the LY450139-evoked Aβ40 rise completely.

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