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Figure 5

From: Ischemic postconditioning attenuates liver warm ischemia-reperfusion injury through Akt-eNOS-NO-HIF pathway

Figure 5

Expression of HIF-1alpha, p-Akt and Akt by Western blot. The expression of HIF-1alpha, p-Akt and Akt were detected in liver tissues by western blot analysis. The blot shown is representative of three different experiments with similar results (A). Lain 1-5: sham; IPO+I/R; IPO+I/R+L-NAME; I/R; I/R+L-NAME. The expression of the housekeeping gene, glyceraldehydes 3-phosphate dehydrogenase (GAPDH), served as a control. The expression of HIF-1alpha, and p-Akt were significantly higher in the liver tissues with IPO+I/R group than I/R group, and the signals were decreased in liver tissues with L-NAME (16 mg/kg) pre-treatment. HIF-1alpha, p-Akt and Akt proteins were calculated by densitometry relative to GAPDH, and the results were expressed as ratios after normalization at 100% of the control (B). Data are mean ± SD from three separate experiments. * p < 0.05 compared with other groups. † p < 0.05 compared to sham group.

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