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Table 2 Description of top 20 differentially expressed Wolbachia genes found in doxycycline treated Brugia malayi female worms

From: Effects of Doxycycline on gene expression in Wolbachia and Brugia malayi adult female worms in vivo

Functional class Systematic Annotation# Fold change P-value Signal Description
Protein synthesis
  BMX14197 w Bm0431 0.12 1.84E-05 Down DNA-directed RNA polymerase sigma 32 subunit, RpoH
  BMX14096 w Bm0328 0.11 4.19E-05 Down Ribosomal protein S14
  BMX14288 w Bm0521 0.23 7.90E-05 Down Ribosomal protein S21
  BMX14418 w Bm0650 0.12 9.18E-05 Down Ribosomal protein L1
  BMX14100 w Bm0332 0.10 9.84E-05 Down Ribosomal protein S17
  BMX14101 w Bm0334 0.19 1.01E-04 Down Ribosomal protein L16
  BMX14113 w Bm0346 0.16 1.14E-04 Down Ribosomal protein S12
  BMX14026 w Bm0258 0.21 5.92E-05 Down Ribonuclease D
DNA replication, DNA recombination, DNA repair or SOS response
  BMX14200 w Bm0434 0.06 1.56E-05 Down DNA polymerase III, gamma/tau subunit
  BMX14193 w Bm0427 0.25 5.30E-05 Down RecA recombinase
  BMX14131 wBm0365 3.06 1.19E-03 Up Predicted EndoIII-related endonuclease
  BMX14476 w Bm0708 0.13 1.22E-04 Down Superfamily II DNA/RNA helicase
Energy production and conversion
  BMX14457 w Bm0689 0.09 8.65E-05 Down F0F1-type ATP synthase, beta subunit
  BMX14240 wBm0474 3.16 1.49E-03 Up NADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase
Metabolism & Transport      
  BMX14214 w Bm0448 0.14 1.40E-04 Down Succinate dehydrogenase flavoprotein subunit, SdhA
  BMX13916 w Bm0146 0.23 1.38E-04 Down Kef-type K+ transport system, membrane component
  BMX13899 w Bm0129 0.27 1.09E-04 Down Ornithine/acetylornithine aminotransferase
  BMX13796 w Bm0024 0.15 1.06E-05 Down HesB/YadR/YfhF family protein
  BMX14563 w Bm0795 0.18 1.27E-04 Down Type IV secretory pathway, VirB6 components
Immunogenic membrane components     
  BMX14198 w Bm0432 0.06 1.21E-04 Down Outer surface protein-wsp
  1. Expression of listed Wolbachia genes was down-regulated and those shown in italics were up-regulated after doxycycline treatment in vivo.