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Figure 1

From: Monoclonal antibodies targeting the synthetic peptide corresponding to the polybasic cleavage site on H5N1 influenza hemagglutinin

Figure 1

Coomassie stain of protein A purified mAb after SDS-PAGE separation. Lane M, size marker with molecular weight labeled on the left (in KDa); Lane 1, mAb A, 25 μg; Lane 2, mAb B, 2 μg; Lane 3, mAb C, 25 μg; Lane 4, mAb D, 10 μg; Lane 5, mAb 3C4, 25 μg; Lane 6, mAb 4H2, 25 μg; Lane 7, mAb 6B8 25 μg. Sample volumes were adjusted for their contents; mAb B and D can only attain 2 and 10 μg even at maximum volume.

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