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Table 1 Sequence of primers and conditions used for RT-PCR amplification

From: Endoplasmic reticulum stress mediating downregulated StAR and 3-beta-HSD and low plasma testosterone caused by hypoxia is attenuated by CPU86017-RS and nifedipine

Primers Sequence of primers PCR amplification conditions
StAR Sense:5'-CTCAACAACCAAGGAAGGCTGG-3' 94°C, 60 s; 56°C, 40 s;
  Atisense:5'-GCAGGTGGGGCCGTGTTCAGC-3' 72°C, 40 s; 30 cycles
3-beta-HSD Sense:5'-ACTGGCAAATTCTCCATAGCC-3' 94°C, 30 s; 60°C, 45 s;
  Atisense:5'-GCTGAACAGTCGACCCTCCTT-3' 72°C, 60 s; 30 cycles
CHOP Sense:5'-TCTGCCTTTCGCCTTTGAG-3' 94°C, 40 s; 55°C, 60 s;
  Atisense:5'-GCTTTGGGAGGTGCTTGTG-3' 72°C, 40 s; 29 cycles
Bip Sense:5'-CATCAATGAGCCAACAGC-3' 94°C, 45 s; 60°C, 60 s;
  Atisense: 5'-AGGTAGAGCGGAACAGG-3' 72°C, 45 s; 26 cycles
PERK Sense: 5'-GCCGATGGGATAGTGATG-3' 94°C, 45 s; 62°C, 60 s;
  Atisense: 5'-GCAGCCTCTACAATGTCTTCT-3' 72°C, 45 s; 28 cycles
GAPDH Sense:5'-GCTGGGGCTCACCTGAAGG-3' 94°C, 45 s; 56°C, 60 s;
  Atisense:5'-GGATGACCTTGCCCACAGCC-3' 72°C, 60 s; 30 cycles