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Table 1 DNA sequence polymorphisms used to ascertain allele-specific expression and methylation

From: Expression of KCNQ1OT1, CDKN1C, H19, and PLAGL1 and the methylation patterns at the KvDMR1 and H19/IGF2 imprinting control regions is conserved between human and bovine

Gene/ICR Symbol Type of assay Maternal (B.t. taurus) Paternal (B.t. indicus) Location of primers within the gene NCBI accession # (based on Btau-4.2) PM location in reference Btau 4.2
H19 gene expression C T Exon 2–5 NR_003958.2 1831
KCNQ1OT1 gene expression A G Exon 1 (close to the start of transaction) NW_001494547.3 3146321
CDKN1C gene expression C T Exon 2–4 NW_001494547.3 2955801
PLAGL1 gene expression T G Exon 6 NM_001103289.1 867
H19/IGF ICR DNA methylation A G N/A NW_001494547.3 3724402
KvDMR1 DNA methylation G, A, A in/del between GA, C** C**, G, G, in/del between GA “GCG”, G N/A NW_001494547.3 3134118, 3134110, 3134095, 3134087-3134086, 3134072
CDKN1C DMR DNA methylation N/A N/A Exon 1-Intron 2 NW_001494547.3 N/A
  1. PM=polymorphisms, N/A=not applicable, C**= During bisulfite conversion the C is converted to a T.