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Table 2 Identified micro-RNAs mediated modulation of host response during Mycobacterial infection/ stimulation

From: Current understanding on micro RNAs and its regulation in response to Mycobacterial infections

Micro-RNAs Identified regulation mechanism Reference
miR-29 Suppress the IFN-γ production by targeting IFN-γ mRNA Ma et al.[48]
miR-29 and Let-7e Inhibit the apoptosis by caspases 3 and 7 (major effector caspases) Sharbati et al.[47]
miR 125b Block the TNF-α biosynthesis Rajaram et al.[49]
miR-155 Enhance the TNF-α biosynthesis Rajaram et al.[49]
miR-155 Repress Bach1 and SHIP1 to support the dormancy and survival of M. tuberculosis in host Kumar et al.[51]
miR-99b Negatively regulate the production of proinflammatory cytokine that leads to reduced growth of M. tuberculosis Singh et al,[50]