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Table 2 Highly cytotoxic cc49scFv-FasL ext eradicated Jurkat-Ras cancer in SCID mice a

From: A recombinant scFv-FasLext as a targeting cytotoxic agent against human Jurkat-Ras cancer

Cells injected on day 0 Treatment begins on # mice treated Tumor incidence # tumor-free mice at the end of the treatmentb
(40-50)×106 Jk-Ras Control Day 1-2 7 6 at 4-6 wk later 1
(40-50)×106 Jk-Ras Test Day 1-2 8 0 at 4-6 wk later 8
20×106 Jk-Ras Control Day 6 4 4 at 4-6 wk later 0
20×106 Jk-Ras Test Day 6 5 1 at 4-6 wk later 4
  1. aSCID mice (>14 weeks old) of both sexes were transferred by IP injection of Jurkat-Ras (Jk-Ras) or HeLa at day 0. Treatment started at indicated times by IP injection of cc49scFv-FasLext-containing supernatants (2 μg/ml) or concentrated L6scFv-FasLext (5-10 μg/ml) as described in the “Methods”.
  2. bTwo months after the end of the treatment, the survived mice still lived without any indication of toxicity induced by the treatment. Normal liver appearance was observed when survived mice were euthanized later.