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Table 1 Primers used for genes in real time RT-PCR experiments

From: A new unique form of microRNA from human heart, microRNA-499c, promotes myofibril formation and rescues cardiac development in mutant axolotl embryos

Gene of interest Forward/ Reverse Primer
Tropomyosin Forward 5-ggagcttgaccatgcgctgaa
Tropomyosin Reverse 5-tgagaaccgacacaaagcaagagg
troponin T Forward 5-ccaagggcttcaccgggctcaa
troponin T Reverse 5-tggcagaggtggaatggatcacagg
α-syntrophin Forward 5-ggactctccaccgcctccctctc
α-syntrophin Reverse 5-ccccgcttcatccttcgctctga
β-actin Forwar 5-tccatgaaggctgcccaact
β-actin Reverse 5′-tggcgccacatctgattgat