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Table 1 Base scoring system used for determination of lameness, and pain in rabbits after tendon transection

From: Role of tissue engineered collagen based tridimensional implant on the healing response of the experimentally induced large Achilles tendon defect model in rabbits: a long term study with high clinical relevance

1. The tarsal flexion degree of the injured leg compared to the normal leg, both in the cage and on the floor
Score Between legs Estimation of the degree Condition
0 equal 75-90 normal
1 non equal 50-74 mild
2 non equal 30-50 moderate
3 non equal >30 severe
4 non equal <15 extensively severe
2. Weight distribution of each animal on the hind limbs, in the cage and on the floor
  Weight distribution between limbs Weight distribution between hind legs the most weight bearing legs The injured left hind leg condition  
0 mostly hind limb equal both hind limbs weight bearing normal
1 mostly hind limb not equal right hind limb weight bearing mild
2 mostly forelimbs not equal both forelimbs & right normal hind limb weight bearing moderate
3 not Equal not equal both forelimbs and right normal hind limb non weight bearing severe
4 not Equal not equal non weight bearing (sternal recumbency) non weight bearing extremely sever
3. Pain in palpation of the injured area and pain in complete extension of the injured leg
0 no reaction normal
1 occasional vocalization mild
2 frequent vocalization moderate
3 vociferous vocalization, withdraw limb, bites, struggles severe
4. Heel and toe position of the injured leg (left hind paw)
  Heel Toe Condition
0 up down normal
1 Near the floor (up) down mild
2 down down moderate
3 down up severe
5. Swelling at the injured area (left hind paw)
  Swelling (injured area)  
0 is not tender, warm and bowed normal
1 slightly warm and bowed, color is not changed mild
2 tenderness, bowed and completely warm. color in not changed moderate
3 obvious tenderness, bowed and warm. color changed. severe