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Figure 8

From: Involvement of STIM1 and Orai1 in EGF-mediated cell growth in retinal pigment epithelial cells

Figure 8

PI3K/Akt pathway is involved in EGF-mediated ARPE-19 proliferation and migration, independent of SOC regulation. (A) ARPE-19 cells were pre-treated with the PI3K inhibitor 10 μM LY294002 for 30 min followed by 25 ng/mL EGF treatment 48 h. Cell proliferation was detected by WST-1 assay. (B) Cells were applied by 10 μM LY294002. EGF-evoked phosphorylation of Akt was detected by Western blots. (C) ARPE-19 cells were pre-treated by 10 μM LY294002 for 30 min and were stimulated by 25 ng/mL EGF. Cell migration assay was performed. (D) Quantitative analysis of cell migration of Figure 8C. (E) Cells were pre-treated by 100 μM 2-APB. EGF-induced Akt phosphorylation was examined by Western blots.

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