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Table 1 Redox-sensitive intracellular signaling in different cells

From: Redox signaling in pathophysiology of hypertension

Type of cell Stimuli inducing production of ROS Phosphorylation pathways Transcription factors Effects of ROS in target cells Ref.:
Endothelial cells Ang II ERKs, JNKs NFκB Apoptosis [45, 46]
p38-MAPKs   Dysfunction
Vascular smooth muscle cells PDGF, phenylephrine, thrombin MAPKs NFκB Proliferation [4547]
Ang II p38-MAPK NFκB? Hypertrophy, migration
Ang II PI3K/Akt  
Shear stress
Cardiomyocytes Ang II MAPKs NFκB Hypertrophy, inflammation, necrosis, apoptosis [20]
ET-1 PI3K/Akt AP-1
NE   p53
Mechanical stress
Central cardiovascular neurons Ang II p38-MAPK, ?? Increased sympathetic nerve activity, vasopressin release, drinking behavior [43, 44, 48]
  ERK 1/2  
(or NO ?)
Cells of kidney Ang II MAPKs   Augmentation of epithelial-mesenchymal transition, mesangial cells apoptosis, hypertrophy [42]
Aldosterone ERK1/2