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Figure 4

From: Caspase 3 involves in neuroplasticity, microglial activation and neurogenesis in the mice hippocampus after intracerebral injection of kainic acid

Figure 4

Caspase 3 inhibitor does not prevent the neurodegeneration in the hippocampus of the KA-icv-injected mice. CD-1 mice received KA-icv-injections alone or co-injection of KA and caspase 3 inhibitor (Cas3I) or vehicle (veh), and were sacrificed at day 3 and 7 post KA-injection (KA-d3 and KA-d7). For control, the mice were sacrificed at day 7 post vehicle-injection (veh). The neurodegeneration in the ipsilateral side was examined by immunostaining with anti-active caspase 3 (aCas 3, red) and anti-NeuN (NeuN, green) antibodies. Cell nuclei were stained with Hoechst 33258 (blue). The representative fluorescent images of the ipsilateral side of CA1, CA3 and DG are shown. The location of pyramidal layer (Py), striatum radiatum (SR). Molecular layer (Mo), and Hilus (Hi) are indicated in the left lane of the panels.

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