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Table 1 C. albicans strains used in this study

From: Impact of glucose levels on expression of hypha-associated secreted aspartyl proteinases in Candida albicans

Strain type and number Genotype Reference
Clinical isolate SC5314 URA3/URA3 [32]
CAF4-2 (parental strain) ura3::imm434/ura3::imm434 [33]
sap2 (M12/BH52-1-17) sap2::hisG/sap2::hisG::URA3::hisG [34]
sap4 (DSY436) sap4::hisG/sap4::hisG::URA3::hisG [20]
sap5 (DSY452) sap5::hisG/sap5::hisG::URA3::hisG [20]
sap6 (DSY346) sap6::hisG/sap6::hisG::URA3::hisG [20]
efg1 efg1::hisG/efg1:: hisG::URA3::hisG [35]
cph1 cph1::hisG/cph1::hisG::URA3::hisG [35]