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Table 2 A summary of reported antibodies against antioxidant enzymes and oxidatively modified proteins in SLE

From: Oxidative stress and its biomarkers in systemic lupus erythematosus

Study Anti-SOD antibody Anti-catalse antibody Anti-oxidised antibody Anti-MDA or HNE adduct MDA/HNE modified protein Anti-lipid antibody Tissue/Cell studied
Mansour et al. [11, 12]     Serum
Kurien & Scofield [4]       Serum
Wang et al. [64]      Serum
Jovanovic et al. [13]       Plasma
Toyoda et al. [65]       Serum
Lopez et al. [18]       Serum
  1. ↑, significantly elevated levels; ↓, significantly diminished levels.