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Table 3 MDR interaction analysis between loci and tobacco habits in “leukoplakia vs control” group

From: Association between risk of oral precancer and genetic variations in microRNA and related processing genes

Best predictive interactive modela TBAb CVCc 1000 permutation p valued
PY CY mir196a2 0.67 9 <0.001
PY CY mir34b mir29a 0.67 10 <0.001
PY CY mir29a mir34b mir423 Xpo5 0.62 9 <0.002
  1. aBest model was selected as one with minimum prediction error, maximum CVC and significant p-value after 1000 permutation.
  2. bTBA corresponds to testing balanced accuracy, the accuracy with which the model can predict disease status.
  3. cCross Validation Consistency: calculated out of 10.
  4. dp value calculated after running 1000 permutations in MDR-pt program.