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Figure 4

From: Targeted enzyme prodrug therapy for metastatic prostate cancer – a comparative study of L-methioninase, purine nucleoside phosphorylase, and cytosine deaminase

Figure 4

Effect of CD-AV conversion of 5-FC with 50 pM docetaxel treatment on PC-3 cell viability. (a) Cells treated with varying concentrations of 5-FC or 5-FU were compared their corresponding control groups treated with 0 nM concentrations on the same day, and significant differences are denoted by # (p < 0.05), * (p < 0.01), and ** (p < 0.001). Cells treated with 50 pm docetaxel were compared to cells not treated with docetaxel (see Additional file 1: Figure S2) at the same concentrations of 5-FC or 5-FU on the same day and significant differences are denoted by ^ (p < 0.05) or + (p < 0.01). Data presented as mean ± SE (n = 3). (b) Additional decreases in cell viability by the addition of 50 pM docetaxel, which alone has no effect on cell viability, for prodrug concentrations where docetaxel additional affected treatment outcomes. Results shown as non-docetaxel treated % viability minus docetaxel treated % viability to obtain a measure of additional cell killing with docetaxel treatment that alone has no significant effect on cell growth. Data presented as mean ± SE (n = 6).

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