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Figure 2

From: NF-κB repressing factor downregulates basal expression and mycobacterium tuberculosis induced IP-10 and IL-8 synthesis via interference with NF-κB in monocytes

Figure 2

Increased NF-κB subunits, and the role of Helenalin in the release of IP-10 and IL-8. (A) TransAM assays to measure the NF-κB subunits p65, p52, p50, C-Rel and RelB activities reveals an increase of p65, p52, C-Rel and RelB in THP-1 cells treated with 5 μg/ml H. TB at 2 hour (n = 5). (B) The release of IP-10 (left panel) and of IL-8 (right panel) in THP-1 cells (n = 5) treated with H. TB for 6 hours was significantly inhibited by a NF-κB specific inhibitor Helenalin (0.5 μM). Data are means ± SE. *p < 0.05, **p < 0.01 compared with corresponding vehicle control.

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