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Figure 4

From: AIRE acetylation and deacetylation: effect on protein stability and transactivation activity

Figure 4

AIRE is deacetylated by theHDAC1-2/SIN3A complex. COS-1 cells were transfected with AIRE-HALO and/or HDAC1 and/or HDAC2 with endogenous SIN3A. Immunoprecipitation was performed on lysates using antibodies against HALO. Panel A: Anti-acetyl lysine signal of anti-HALO-AIRE immunoprecipitation. Panel B: The plot shows densitometric analysis using Image J. The acetylation level of AIRE was reduced by 71% in the presence of HDAC1 and 48% in the presence of HDAC2. Value are means ± SD (n = 2).

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