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Table 2 Sequences of wild-type and mutant CPT1A promoter constructs in mutational analysis

From: Flavonoid ingredients of Ginkgo biloba leaf extract regulate lipid metabolism through Sp1-mediated carnitine palmitoyltranferase 1A up-regulation

Name Sequence (46 bp)a
  –50 Sp1a Sp1b
Wild type gtccctGCCCCGCCCGgcctgcaggtggcaccTAGGCGGCGCgcag
Sp1a mut. gtccctGCCTAA CCCT gcctgcaggtggcaccTAGGCGGCGCgcag
Sp1b mut. gtccctGCCCCGCCCGgcctgcaggtggcaccTAGGTAA CGCgcag
Sp1a-b mut. gtccctGCCTAA CCCT gcctgcaggtggcaccTAGGTAA CGCgcag
  1. aPutative cis-elements were indicated with capital, and introduced mutations were shown in bold.