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Figure 2

From: Genomic single nucleotide polymorphisms in the offspring of gastric cancer patients predispose to spasmolytic polypeptide-expressing metaplasia after H. pylori infection

Figure 2

The combined risk genotypes’ distribution in gastric cancer familial relatives. A. The prevalences of the ITGA5-1160/ ITGB1-1949/ITGB1 + 31804 as T-carrier/A-carrier/C-carrier and COX-2-1195/IL10-592 as G-carrier/AA among different GCA familial relative groups were shown. The children of gastric cancer patients had higher prevalence of the presence of either or both risk combination SNPs in ITGA5-1160/ITGB1-1949/ITGB1 + 31804 as T/A/C carriers and COX-2-1195/IL-10-592 as G-carrier/AA than other familial relative groups (P = 0.018). B. There were no difference in the combined genotype of RUNX3 + 492/TFF2-308 as A-carrier/cm3 among different familial groups of gastric cancer patients (P = 0.313).

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