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Table 3 Analysis of variance was conducted on the global methylation results with disease group as the factor variable, and the results were verified with Bartlett’s test. A Bonferroni correction shows that the SLE and SSc groups were significantly different from the controls but not significantly different from each other, although there was a trend towards lower values in the SSc group compared to the SLE group

From: DNA methylation similarities in genes of black South Africans with systemic lupus erythematosus and systemic sclerosis

Study groups Global methylation %
Mean Standard deviation (SD) Range
Controls 33.9 11 11-53
SLE 22.2 5 15 – 33
SSc 17.7 5 3.8 - 24
Study groups comparison
  (mean difference) P value
  Controls SLE
SLE (−11) p = 0.00 -
SSc (− 16) p = 0.00 (−4) p = 0.068