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Table 2 List of the primary antibodies and dilutions used for western blotting/ immunoprecipitation (WB/IP) and immunostaining (ICC)

From: N-terminal functional domain of Gasdermin A3 regulates mitochondrial homeostasis via mitochondrial targeting

Antigen Antibody Species Company WB/IP ICC
V5 monoclonal mouse sv5-pk Santa Cruz 1:500/IP(2 μg) 1:300
V5 polyclonal rabbit Genetex 1:5000 1:200
myc monoclonal mouse 9E10 Santa Cruz 1:1000/IP(2 μg) 1:200
flag monoclonal mouse M2 Agilent Tech 1:2000/IP(2 μg)  
Cox4 polyclonal rabbit Genetex 1:1000  
Tom20 polyclonal rabbit Santa Cruz   1:500
Gsdma3 polyclonal rabbit Home made 1:500 1:200
β-actin polyclonal rabbit Genetex 1:5000  
GAPDH Polyclonal rabbit Genetex 1:5000  
Hsp90α/β polyclonal rabbit Santa Cruz IP (2 ug)  
Hsp90β polyclonal rabbit Genetex 1:2000  
Hsp70 1A polyclonal polyclonal rabbit Genetex 1:2000  
STIP1/Hop polyclonal rabbit Genetex 1:2000  
TRAP1 monoclonal mouse Genetex IP (2 ug)  
TRAP1 polyclonal rabbit Genetex 1:4000  
AKT1 polyclonal rabbit Millipore 1:2500  
Tom70 monoclonal mouse Santa Cruz 1:2000/IP(2 ug)