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Table 1 Patient clinical features and SLC34A2 expression profile

From: The effects and mechanisms of SLC34A2 in tumorigenesis and progression of human non-small cell lung cancer

Patient No. Age Gender Histological grade Clinical stage Normalised SLC34A2 amount in tumour tissue relative to adjacent normal tissue 2-ΔΔCt Lymph node metastatic or non-metastatic
1 54 F A IIIA 0.5675 Yes
2 53 F A IA 0.0715 No
3 74 F A IIA 0.0585 Yes
4 71 M A IB 0.1675 No
5 52 F A IB 0.2573 No
6 59 F A IIIB 0.2829 Yes
7 79 F A IB 0.4157 No
8 74 F A IB 0.3364 No
9 61 F A IIIA 0.1702 Yes
10 69 F A IIB 0.4994 No
11 64 F A IIA 3.3600 No
12 67 M A IIA 0.6622 No
13 81 M S IV 0.2813 Yes
14 50 M S IIA 0.1462 No
15 55 M S IIIA 0.5016 Yes
  1. a. M male, F female, A adenocarcinoma, S squamous cell carcinoma. b. Relative quantification was performed by the 2-ΔΔCt method with the adjacent normal lung tissue sample as a calibrator. Data show the means from three independent analyses. Every independent analysis was carried out after the RNA extraction step. Total RNA was poly-A tailed, reverse transcripted, and then real-time PCR tested. ΔCT obtained from real-time PCR was subject to paired t-test (ΔCT = C TSLC34A2 -CTβ-actin). The expression levels of SLC34A2 in tumor tissues were significantly lower than adjacent normal tissues (P < 0.05)