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Fig. 1

From: TAK1 inhibition-induced RIP1-dependent apoptosis in murine macrophages relies on constitutive TNF-α signaling and ROS production

Fig. 1

TAKI induced apoptotic cell death in BMDM. Cells were treated with TAKI (100 nM) and/or LPS (100 ng/ml) for 2, 4 and 6 h. Then cell viability assessed by MTT assay (a), ATP content assay (b), Annexin V/PI staining (c) and PI uptake (d) was determined. In some experiments for LDH release assay, TAKI and/or LPS at different concentrations were given to BMDM for 6 h (e), or treating both to BMDM for different time intervals (f). In (g), wild type (WT) and TLR4−/− BMDM were treated with TAKI (100 nM), LPS (100 ng/ml) or both for 6 h, and LDH activity was measured. *p <0.05, indicating the significant effect of TAKI or LPS alone on cell death. #p <0.05, indicating the significant potentiation of cell death by LPS in TAKI-treated cells

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