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Fig. 4

From: TAK1 inhibition-induced RIP1-dependent apoptosis in murine macrophages relies on constitutive TNF-α signaling and ROS production

Fig. 4

TAKI inhibits LPS-induced IKK, JNK, p38 and ERK activation. (a) BMDM were treated with LPS (100 ng/ml), TAKI (100 nM) or both for indicated time intervials, and then immunobloting against specific proteins was conducted. (b) BMDM were pretreated with BMS345541 (3 μM), SB230580 (10 μM), SP600125 (10 μM), or U0126 (10 μM) for 30 min, followed by LPS (100 ng/ml), TAKI (100 nM) or both for 6 h. The LDH activity released in the culture medium was then determined. *p<0.05, indicating significant effects of TAKI alone. #p<0.05, indicating the significant potentiation of TAKI-induced responses by LPS. **p<0.5, indicating significant potentiation of TAKI or LPS response by BMS345541

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